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(part of the Marina Abramović method)

This photograph is a portrayal of the performance "Complain to a Tree" by Marina Abramović. The artist advised the people to complain to a tree in order to help them to heal from 2020.

“Complain to a Tree” is the latest addition to the “Abramović Method”, a series of exercises developed by the artist for practicing being present. 

Instructions for "Complain to a Tree"

One important thing is that you really choose a tree that you like. It can be small and even not that beautiful a tree. But you have some relation to this tree, emotionally. Don't pick the tree because of the beauty of the tree. Pick the tree because of its smell, the bark, the leaves. Whatever triggers your affection. So look around, and take the tree you like.

Don't immediately hug the tree. Just feel the energy of the tree. Even not touching it but just holding your hands a little bit above.

And then complain your heart into it. This is the whole idea. Have any of you ever complained to a tree before? No. So this is something that you will be doing for the first time. This is like a journey into the unknown. So get out of your security box and do something that is different.

I hope we can create some kind of trend, that actually people are going to run to the parks and start complaining to the trees. This is one way of healing at this moment of our history.

Complaining to the tree is also a way of getting energy out of the tree—to you. And healing you. So the tree is actually healing the complaint. You're opening your heart. You're just telling all your negativity and what bothers you in your life. And the tree is a silent listener. And everything is absorbed into the bark of the tree. And you feel rejuvenated. You feel happy after that. 

This is the message for the public. Please—go to the park near you. Pick the tree you like. Hold the tree tight. Really tight. And just pour your heart into it. Complain to the tree, for a minimum of 15 minutes. It’s the best healing that you can do.

Article from The Art Newspaper website

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