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       This project is neither about religion nor about traditions of different cultures in different eras. These are twelve images of supernatural states of twelve women. Each face has been made fully symmetrical by mirroring the left side on the right. The specific clothes of these women are used to frame and purify the appearance of each feature.

        As we know, the right part of our brain is responsible for the spiritual, mental and creative part of our personality. It is actually the left part of our face that expresses these emotions. 

        The left part of our brain (expressed through the right half of the face) is responsible for the rational, practical and logical side of us.  

        It has been proven that the older we grow the more symmetrical our face gets, so the right part will become a mirror of the left. Symbolically saying we move from the past to the future, from earth to heaven, from the materialistic to the spiritual.      Our current face is the present of our life, the factor that links past and future. 

        This explains why all the gods and goddesses (the inhabitants of the divine world) in ancient icons were depicted with symmetrical faces and why they are so attractive to our eye.

        The beauty of each human is exceptional and cannot be fully explained, seen or revealed as it is more complex and subtle than it seems. At all times will our brain complete the image of “our” personal standard of beauty.

        Our uniqueness and spirituality is reflected in every minute of our life, in our human being, in our being human.


              ©2020 Mikhail Porollo

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