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     There is an expression in some cultures: “When someone from your family dies they take a part of your soul with them to the grave.”

This event may affect not only our emotional side. On a physical level it may feel like we are missing a part of our body. It should also be considered in different contexts and circumstances. For example, in the African savannah this change might be seen as a strong, agile hunter being transformed into a vulnerable, hunted prey, unable to escape from the predator and whose hunting tool is no longer a weapon, but rather has become a flag of surrender.

     But at what stage of our life can such a transition take place? This, we can never really predict. It is quite possible that we might undergo this harsh snap of change more than once during our lifetime. Meanwhile, our surroundings may stay the same.

     When we have no critical disruptions in our lives, we tend to associate our day-to-day routine with a normal and harmless environment. It is like an African wilderness that looks as safe as a peaceful, familiar landscape. But only at a first glance. Regardless of the given circumstances, the buzzing danger of “being caught” is always present.

           © 2020 Mikhail Porollo

      Project consists on:

Series of photographs and installation (two-channel video (8.18 min on a loop) projection slideshow on two screens accompanied by traditional Zulu songs playing via loud speakers in the exhibition space.

Munyawana, SA

Munyawana game reserve, 2018,
South Africa

Neko, 2020

Neko Harbour, 2020,


Brussels, 2020,

Namibia, 2022

Sossus vliei, 2022,

Easter Island, 2023

Rano Kau crater, 2023,
Easter Island


Screenshot 2020-11-27 at 09.49.00.png

Elements of the installation:

To watch the clips as in the installation slideshow

please start both videos with a delay of few seconds.

...“We are dying young – not having finished our lives”....

...“We went to hunt the impala, but it ran into the bush and disappeared.”...

...“Where is your friend? I will wait until he comes back.”...

...“You mustn’t kill me. I’ve been sent by those, I am staying with: I am only the messenger.”...

...“The baby is crying in the dark mountains – no one is looking after the baby.”...

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