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       For more than three years, I have been working on this project, which began shortly after my return to Europe from South Africa; quite a change for me in continent and cultural climate. It is said that absence makes the heart grow fonder. I found that my eye had grown sharper. I was suddenly seeing things I had seen before but from a different angle.

      Everywhere I went, looking up and around me, I was welcomed by the quiet symmetry of things. It all looked so solid and still, calm and contained but at the same time fleeting and fragile; an enchanting kaleidoscope of light, colour and shape.

         This harmony of form became my mandala. I found myself wanting to capture and commit to memory these moments of recognition. It was the best way I had of renewing my relationship with Belgium and the rest of Europe, of continuing a familiar conversation with fresh curiosity.

          I have chosen to keep this project open, a work in progress, to leave some space for new encounters, wherever I may travel, because as it has also been said, there is no limit to what the eye can see and the heart can feel...


(For the moment the project contains more than sixty photographs taken all over Belgium and abroad.)


                 ©2020 Mikhail Porollo

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